Best Certified Home: Custom

CHBA Northern BC Housing Awards of Excellence | Canadian Home Builders' Northern BC


This award recognizes a member who has constructed a certified home with Energy Star®, Built Green®, R-2000 and/or Net Zero Energy program(s) in a custom-built project. This category is limited to entry by the Builder only.

  • Completed online project description explaining how it meets the criteria
  • 14 digital images that best represent the project
  • Floor and/or site plan
  • Proof of any certificates earned (Energy Star®, EnerGuide, Built Green®, R-2000 and/or Net-Zero Energy Label/Certification)
  • Completed Homeowner Permission Form
Criterion Weight
Sensitivity to site conditions and surrounding environments 20.0%
Selection of materials and resources 20.0%
Energy and water saving considerations 20.0%
Construction practices and details of certification program chosen 20.0%
Innovation and design 20.0%